The Movie Planet going strong, exceeds 100 views

I am astounded. Seriously, call me naive but the thought that it took me a mere four days for The Movie Planet to get a hundred page views (including 50+ today) simply amazes me…in a good way of course.

I want to thank all of you who have visited the site, and doubly thank any of you who may have included it in your favorites. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Also, don’t hesitate to subscribe to my RSS feed (bottom of the page). I’m not an expert on all things Internet so I honestly have no idea how an RSS feed works, but I hear it’s the “in” thing these days, so there you go.

When I started The Movie Planet, I never thought I’d get so many visits so quickly, so me tell you, even though writing all this stuff takes up quite a chunk of time, the experience has been extremely gratifying. I’ve received a few positive comments from some of you and look forward to more feedback, so don’t hesitate to post comments!

The Movie Planet, a one-man operation for now, is still a very new blog, and thus is still finding its footing. I’ve been busy writing articles and I haven’t really looked into layout and stuff but it’s something I intend to do, so expect the site’s look and extra-article content to evolve in the near future.

My intention with this site is to provide film and entertainment news, and related content, from all around the world to an international viewership, in opposition to most English-language film sites, which seem to talk mainly about big American blockbusters and small American “indie films”. The Movie Planet will of course report on these, but also on other American films, as well all the others, be they French, Indian, Chinese, etc…

So, once again, many thanks to you all, you are my driving force. The Movie Planet ain’t slowing down any time soon.

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