Tragedy befalls Helena Bonham Carter

Our condoleances go out to Mrs Carter and her family as four members of the Carter clan brutally died this week after their tour bus blew a tire and flipped over during a South African safari. MSN Movies reports:

Carter’s aunt, 74-year-old Brenda Bonham Carter, and her husband Francis Kirkwood, 75, were killed along with Marcus Egerton-Warburton, the 14-year-old son of Carter’s cousin, Fiona. Fiona is said to have suffered a broken collarbone in the accident. Her other son, Piers, reportedly suffered whiplash injuries. The fourth victim is believed to be Kay Boardman, the wife of Fiona’s brother Graham.

Helena Bonham Carter, a British actress, is best known in recent years for her roles in husband Tim Burton’s films and her part as dark witch Bellatrix Lestrange in the Harry Potter movies. She will next be seen on the big screen in 2009, in the blockbusters Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince and Terminator Salvation.


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