The Strangers 2 announced (there was a The Strangers 1?)

Rogue Pictures has greenlit a sequel to a horror movie you’ve never heard of, The Strangers. The first movie, which apparently made decent money at the box-office, was written and directed by newcomer Bryan Bertino and stars Liv Tyler (The Incredible Hulk), Scott Speedman (Underworld 1 & 2) and Australian model Gemma Ward (The Black Balloon). It claims to be based on a true story but really isn’t and follows a couple being terrorized by a group of three menacing locals while in an isolated holiday home. Sounds kind of like Vacancy to me, but then a lot of horror movies sound similar don’t they?


11 thoughts on “The Strangers 2 announced (there was a The Strangers 1?)

  1. Right, if I’ve never heard of a B-grade low budget marginally successful horror film that hasn’t been released in half the world starring B-grade actors from a director who’s never done anything before in his life, I’m an idiot.

    Tell me Eliza, have you ever heard of Tell No One? The Banquet? Rough? Paint It Yellow? The Backwoods? Four Minutes? Crime Novel? Memories Of Murder? I could go on and on listing tons of movies you probably never knew existed you idiot.

  2. Really I dont get why people dont like this movie >.> its my favorite and its gold compared to most of the new horror movies. I mean Saw How long can it go on??..

  3. you cant call the strangers “marginally successful” it more than doubled what they spent on it on its premiere weekend.
    just cause they didnt spend a ton on it doesnt mean its no good if anything it shows that you dont need ridiculous budgets to make a good film.

    i think the director deserves credit for making a good film with next to nothing. unlike most modern horror films it actually has moments that make you jump instead of making you want to sleep

  4. Sorry guys…your a total ass if you have’nt heard of The Strangers. This is a very popular movie particularly in the genre. You sound silly.

  5. I am watching the 1st one now and I am sooooooooooooooooooooo creeped out cuz when I got home today the door was opend (nothing was stollen and i checked for ppl 1st)

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