Turtles to be Teenage Mutant Ninjas again on the big screen?

Scaly Update: TMNT comic book writer Stephen Murphy says the story is complete bull on his blog.

Kevin Eastman, co-creator of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book with Peter Laird, has revealed the pizza-loving reptiles may go live action once again in a franchise reboot. Also, he wants to bring back the first movie’s director, Steve Barron.

Yes, it is true. Although the CGI film did well enough to warrant a sequel, there has been much talk between Imagi and Warners to do a better “re-invention” (newest Hollywood buzzword) of the TMNT’s, in a live action film–like what was done with Batman. Back to basics, back to the origin and the intro of the Shredder, etc…there have been talks, trips to Northampton to talk to Mr Laird, and discussions with the original “first” TMNT film director Steve Barron to come back and do it right–but no official word yet…will keep you posted.

I used to love the Turtles when I was younger, so hell yeah! The previous big screen series includes four films, including three live-action flicks from the early nineties and an animated sequel titled TMNT in 2007. I need to rewatch this stuff.


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