Evil Dead 4 to be a 3D Musical?

Rumors about a fourth film in Sam Raimi’s cult Evil Dead franchise have been going around for so many years, and have popped up with so much regularity, you just know it’s gonna happen some day. Raimi confirmed a sequel was en route at this year’s Comic-Con and now, word has it that the new movie will be a 3D¬†adapatation of Evil Dead: The Musical, co-directed with the stage show’s helmer, Christopher Bond.

While the musical is basically a loose retelling of the trilogy’s events, I’m sure they could rework it as a sequel (and anyway, don’t a lot of people claim Evil Dead 2 is a remake of The Evil Dead?). No, things look sour because Bond apparently wants the stage actors to reprise their roles for the film version, whereas every Evil Dead fanboy is screaming for Bruce Campbell to reprise his signature Ash Williams role.

Filming is likely to begin in Spring 2009.


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