Keira Knightley isn’t enthusiastic about Pirates 4

Britsh actress Keira Knightley, who plays Elizabeth Swann in the extremely successful Pirates Of The Caribbean trilogy and owes much of her fame to those films, isn’t very keen to reprise her role in the proposed fourth movie.

“I think it was wonderful and an amazing opportunity and those films were just extraordinary and I was extremely lucky to be a part of them. But no. I think my pirating days may be over.”

I don’t think Keira needs to worry, as Pirates Of The Caribbean 4 will reportedly focus solely on Johnny Depp’s character Jack Sparrow, the Elizabeth Swann/Will Turner story arc having concluded in the last film.

Walt Disney wants to start production in 2009, but that may be pushed back as many details haven’t been set yet (director, script, cast, etc…). In any case, except a new Pirates movie by 2010/2011. As for Keira Knightley, her latest period drama The Duchess was released five days ago in the UK to generally positive reviews.


4 thoughts on “Keira Knightley isn’t enthusiastic about Pirates 4

  1. No eres miss universo, pero no hay nada NI MISS UNIVERSO que pueda contra un ser que formado su caracter y personalidad a imagen y semejanza de CRISTO, si te intereso esta es la unica manera.

  2. I love the Pirates of the Carribean movies! I swear i will cry if they dont make a fourth one they left so many ends un tied. I love acting! And I love Keira and Orlando I hope they pull through and do the next one. Because if they dont I’m gonna have to find a way to be in it. I love acting ao much and I have had the lead role in many plays. And orlando and Keira are the two people who got me started on acting I hope they dont give up hop to early.

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