Thor gets a director?

Well, not exactly yet, but new hotshot director D.J. Caruso (Disturbia) is in talks with Marvel Studios to helm the forthcoming 2010 Norse God movie.

There’s a fear I have about Thor and depending on what Thor story you want to tell, whether you want to bring Thor into the modern world or if you want to go back to Asgard and get the history of what’s happening between him and his brother and dad. That’s one I’ve always been interested in and it also would be, it would be a monumental task so, I could definitely see myself getting myself into that… I have had some talks with Marvel about it but I have not seen a screenplay. It could be something that I am interested in.

Thor has to be one of the forefront Marvel characters I’m least familiar with, but I’m of course excited at the prospect of the film and Caruso could be an interesting choice. Caruso’s next thriller Eagle Eye debuts late September in America and Australia.


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