Beverly Hills Ninja 2 gets a cast!

About a month ago, we informed you that a Beverly Hills Ninja sequel was planned, titled Tokyo Jones: The Legend Of The Dancing Ninja and written and directed by one of the original’s scribes, Mitchell Klebanoff, who’ll thus make his directing debut.

Now the cast has been announced and it’s appropriately epic: cult favorite David Hasselhoff (Anaconda 3: Offspring), Lucas Grabeel (possibly the only High School Musical regular to have escaped fame) and Chiling Lin supposedly “the most well-known fashion model from Taiwan” according to IMDB.

Are you actually looking forward to Beverly Hills Ninja 2?



5 thoughts on “Beverly Hills Ninja 2 gets a cast!

  1. “Tokyo Jones: The Legend Of The Dancing Ninja” is a way better title than Beverly Hills NInja 2, which it’s rumored too. Grabeel seems to be, like the message says, one of the only actors from the HSM franchise who after all the popularity and what not, still acts like a humble, down to earth guy. I believe he has great talent, and projects like these are the ones that will pay off in a near future, or at least get his name out there for people to recognize him and appreciate him.
    I don’t know what to think about the movie, but hopefully the Hoff and the rest of the cast know how to pull it off.

  2. This isn’t a sequel to the Chris Farley movie. It was a mis-translation of an interview Grabeel did in Asia when he was filming “Lock and Roll Forever” (2009) where he talked about filming tge movie in ‘Beverly Hills’ and about ‘ninja’ and ‘dancing’. This movie is totally independent and has no connection with “Beverly Hills Ninja”.

    • Beverly hills ninja is an unmatched cinema verite and is among the greatest accomplishments of the 20th century.i rate it along side citizen kane, the godfather, high noon and clockwork orange.

  3. Klebaoff is one of the great Hollywood screen writers and most of his greatest work has yet to come to screen. I think of him in the same light as John Houston or Nicholas Ray. Mitchell is a rebel with a cause

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