Another useless remake, and from a crappy director to boot!

Despite the fact that it hasn’t been shown anywhere except from film festivals, the Swedish vampire film Let The Right One In (original title Låt Den Rätte Komma In) is already getting a remake courtesy of director Matt Reeves aka the guy who brought us Cloverfield, one of the worst, most overrated movies of all time. Why, God, why? As usual, watch the original’s trailer above.



2 thoughts on “Another useless remake, and from a crappy director to boot!

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  2. I am surprise to read the number of people praising this move – The plot is t here but the deep sense of many characters is completely lost.
    If hadn’t read the book I would be sitting there wonder who many characters where and in many instances where the hell they fit into this story.
    The sick twisted mind of Eli’s carer and his deep sexual desire for children – Many important scenes and event simply lost – such as setting the school on fire which ultimately triggered the swimming pool scene with the drug induced older brothers desire for revenge – lost

    Also, apart from some added cuts from Blackeberg where the story sits, the film have completely lost many important locations that sets the mode for several scenes.

    No – This film could have been so much better – hope the English version tries to justify the book (which is excellent) much better !

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