Yet another Romero zombie movie

Director George A. Romero is hard at work filming a new chapter in his infamous zombie saga, but doesn’t have a title yet and the film is currently referred to as Something Of The Dead. Also, it takes place on an Island.

It doesn’t start with the people in the mansion [at the end of Diary]. It starts with the blonde who drove away and the national guardsmen who robbed the people. So those are the only characters that return. What it’s about is tribalism. How the internet creates a Hatfields and McCoys situation. It’s on an island, where people have been lured by someone on the net as a safe haven, but really what these guys are trying to do is hold them up at the boat docks.

As a reminder, the franchise includes Night Of The Living Dead (the 1968 version), Dawn Of The Dead (the 1978 version), Day Of The Dead, Land Of The Dead and Diary Of The Dead.


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