Eagle Eye wins weekend in the US

As expected, Eagle Eye, the new thriller from Disturbia director D.J. Caruso took the top spot at the US box-office this weekend, making more than 29 million bucks. The romantic comedy Nights In Rodanthe came in second while last week’s big winner Lakeview Terrace dropped to third place. Finishing up the top 5 are the Christian-themed drama Fireproof, which did incredibly well consider its theater count, and Burn After Reading, which is holding quite well. Interestingly, Miracle At St. Anna, the World War II film from Inside Man director Spike Lee flopped big time, entering at number 9 with only three and a half million.

Full top 20 with earnings after the jump.

  1. Eagle Eye                                          29.2 million
  2. Nights In Rodanthe                          13.6 million
  3. Lakeview Terrace                              7 million
  4. Fireproof                                           6.5 million
  5. Burn After Reading                            6.2 million
  6. Igor                                                   5.5 million
  7. Righteous Kill                                    3.8 million
  8. My Best Friend’s Girl                          3.8 million
  9. Miracle At St. Anna                            3.5 million
  10. The Family That Preys                        3.2 million
  11. Chost Town                                        2.9 million
  12. The Women                                         2.7 million
  13. The Dark Knight                                  1.7 million
  14. Choke                                                  1.3 million
  15. The House Bunny                                 1.2 million
  16. Tropic Thunder                                    1.2 million
  17. Vicky Cristina Barcelona                      0.7 million
  18. The Duchess                                        0.6 million
  19. Mamma Mia!                                         0.6 million
  20. Journey To The Center Of The Earth      0.5 million

For more details and films under the top 20, go here.

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