Star Wars: The Clone Wars continues tonight, watch the trailer

Following directly from this summer’s eponymous underrated film, actually the pilot for the TV series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars will debut tonight at 9 PM in the US on Cartoon Network (and in two days in Canada on CTV, and on the 25th in the UK on Sky Movies Premiere). It is set between Attack Of The Clones and Revenge Of The Sith, and more precisely between episodes 21 and 22 of the previous 2D Clone Wars series.

Judging from its movie pilot, Star Wars: The Clone Wars is actually a really high quality show if you don’t forget what it’s supposed to be, which is something aimed primarily towards kids. It should be compared to other spin-off cartoons such as the Godzilla and Mummy ones, which it easily surpasses, but it still focuses mostly on action and childish humor.

You musn’t forget that Lucasfilm wasn’t trying for a perfect likeness of live-action when making this and thus, that the look is very intentional, not a result of “making something on the cheap” as the quality of the animation is actually top-notch.

So once again, this is a worthwhile watch if you enjoy the Star Wars universe and understand what that this is a show for kids first and foremost. The first season will consist of 22 episodes, and more than a hundred are planned for the series’ full run. Official description follows after the jump.

Delving into an all-new adventure every week, Star Wars: The Clone Wars provides a high-spirited and richly expanded look into the Star Wars universe. In just the first few episodes, viewers will see the broad scope of the series, through characters and stories only touched upon in the live-action films.

“This is an enormously vast galaxy, and the Clone Wars affect almost every corner of it,” explained Dave Filoni, supervising director. “We can finally show the adventure, heroism, treachery and intrigue that was happening throughout the conflict. Now that Star Wars is no longer constrained by the Skywalker saga, the possibilities are as limitless as the universe itself. I’m excited to take fans into aspects of Star Wars that haven’t yet been explored on-screen.”

Told in half-hour chapters, the weekly format gives Filoni and Lucasfilm Animation an opportunity to focus more intensely on individual aspects of the Star Wars Saga — from the epic space battles and dynamic lightsaber duels to the noble philosophies of the Jedi Knights. At the same time, Filoni said, Star Wars: The Clone Wars will uncover new adventures and fresh perspectives on classic Star Wars conventions.

Among the stories explored in the first season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars:

  • Jedi Master Plo Koon — a character barely glimpsed in the feature films — rises to prominence as he discovers a mysterious threat that could cause immense destruction — and the evil secret behind it.
  • Ambushed by Ventress and her droid army, Jedi Master Yoda teaches his clone companions that the Force touches all living things and that hope is never lost.
  • On a distant planetary outpost, a squadron of rookie clone troopers find themselves struggling to survive and also learn the meaning of sacrifice.
  • The Bothan home planet of Bothawui, never before seen on screen, comes to the forefront as a heroic ally falls prey to the sinister plot of General Grievous, and his friends must fight to rescue him.
  • Senator Padmé Amidala faces a life-threatening showdown with her nemesis, Separatist Viceroy Nute Gunray, the victim of ultimate deception by the leader of a desperate planet.

“The Clone Wars are a time of enormous struggle and also great heroism,” Filoni said. “As a longtime Star Wars fan, it is exciting to be able to bring these stories to life, stories we’ve only wondered about. We’re going to learn just why the Clone Wars become the stuff of legend in the Star Wars galaxy.”

Star Wars: The Clone Wars debuts on Cartoon Network Friday, Oct. 3, at 9 pm. (ET/PT).

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