About page is up, and other site updates

As you may have noticed, I’ve finally written something in the site’s About page a couple of days ago, and even created a couple of other pages for your potential interest. You can view the pages at the top of the menu on the right.

About gives you some pretty basic information about the site and its writers while What We Like obviously tells you what and who the writers enjoy, not only in movies but in the world of entertainment overall. Finally you may want to visit What We’ve Been Watching rather regularly, as in addition to books being read, TV shows being watched or having been completed by the writers, this page tells you the last 10 films we’ve seen in cinemas, and only the last 10, and what grade we’d give them. Needless to tell you information gets updated very fast and movies can disappear from the listing within a week.

Finally you’ll be pleased to know The Movie Planet just keeps growing bigger and bigger, currently averaging 1538 views a day for this week and 1336 views a day for the month of October. Our busiest for now is October 5th, with a staggering 1755 views and the site has exceeded 33333 total views within less than three months of existence.

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