Music Of The Day: Un Garçon

Un Garçon (translation A Boy) is the latest single from Lorie, one of France’s most popular pop singers who recently signed to guest star in an episode of the long-running American TV show The Young And The Restless.

The song is about a girl finding out that the man she’s with is actually gay and is hurt that he didn’t tell her himself. The chorus goes something like this: “I was hoping you’d confide in me, I don’t want your silence anymore, would I lose my mind, just because you love a boy?”.

Of course popular does not equate well-liked as Lorie is easily one of the most hated and ridiculed French celebrities, just like many female American pop stars, with many believing she’s simply a pathetic opportunist who badly apes whatever is in fashion at the moment, jumping from sugary pop to rock-influenced pop to R&B to electropop quicker than you can say “huh?”. She hasn’t helped herself by recently stating she’d gladly stop making music if she was offered a good screen role.

As for this latest music video, a lot of criticizers have felt that Lorie is shamelessly plagiarizing Rihanna and Pink. Whether that’s true or not I find it mildly enjoyable but definitely not her best work. What do you think of it? You can find a full approximate translation of the song after the jump.

I waited for you to talk, to talk, to talk
You don’t want me to suffer but you keep your secret well
What I’ve seen, in your eyes, in his eyes, in both your eyes
We’ve lost it, the both of us, both of us, both of us

I was hoping you’d confide in me
I don’t want your silence anymore
Would I lose my mind
Just because you love a boy?

As though nothing happened you smile, you smile, you smile
Are you afraid to own up to the kind of boy you really are
How can you choose him or me, him or me, him or me
And not destroy all three of us, three of us, three of us

[Repeat chorus till the end]

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