Steven Seagal: Reality TV star

Iron Chef?

Steven Seagal (Kill Switch) can now add Reality TV star to an impressive resumé that already includes movie star, musician, aikido master, bodyguard as well as energy drink, herbal oil, knife and aftershave creator. Indeed, the once popular action star will headline the new A&E TV show Steven Seagal: Lawman which is expected to air late next year.

According to the net, Seagal has been working on and off as a fully commissioned deputy with the Jefferson Parish County Sheriff’s Office for nearly two decades. One of his stints found him assisting with recovery efforts during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

So, yes, Steven Seagal is actually also an off-screen hero as much as he is an on-screen one. The show will also naturally focus on his life off duty and while some may claim that Seagal is only doing this to reinvigorate his straight-to-DVD-centric career, one must admit this sounds a whole lot more interesting than following the pampered daily lives of Denise Richards, the Lohan family and the Simpson sisters.



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