The Site

The Movie Planet was born on the dark and stormy night between August 20 and August 21, 2008. All right, so maybe it wasn’t stormy, but it certainly was dark, very much so. Written mainly by the mysterious Mr Hollywood, The Movie Planet deals with film news from all around the world, and thus hopes to raise awareness for films which you probably would never have heard of otherwise, in addition to updating on your favorite forthcoming American blockbusters.

The fact that it’s a very recent site hasn’t stopped The Movie Planet from gaining wild success, growing more popular nearly every day. In addition to its daily slew of film news, The Movie Planet is host to a variety of more-or-less regular columns, including:

  • Movie Of The Day: Mr Hollywood randomly selects a film to watch at home, then reviews it in a somewhat daily fashion.
  • Fun Stuff: Just random stuff that is fun.
  • Broadcasted! Reviews: A similar concept to Movie Of The Day, but written by the not-so-regular Broadcaster.

The Movie Planet also has its own YouTube channel, which you should subscribe to right now! If you have comments, questions, suggestions, or even if you want to join the site, you can e-mail us at themovieplanetblog@gmail.com.

The Writers

Mr Hollywood, whose name comes from a Canadian dude who announces films at a multiplex in Ottawa, is the creator and main writer of The Movie Planet, and remains to this day amazed by its incredible success. So who is the man behind the name? Is he American, Indian, Maltese, French, Venezuelian? Heck, how about all those and more. As for his real name, who knows, but you can call him John if you want, John Hollywood. He’s an actor/screenwriter/filmmaker himself among other things (and no, you probably haven’t seen any of his work) and enjoys all types of films, as well as TV shows, comic books, regular books, music, etc… He is currently based in Paris, France and when not working on the website you can probably find him at the cinema or dating The Broadcaster’s girlfriend behind his back (I’m kidding, or am I?). And yes, Mr Hollywood is talking about himself in the third person…he likes that.

Information on The Broadcaster coming soon.

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