We’re back!

Over five years after its demise, I’m proud to announce The Movie Planet is rising from the ashes like a digital phoenix. It’s been a long time coming and the site almost came back several times over the past few years, but here we are and hopefully will go on! Stay tuned for the exclusive which prompted this relaunch.

“We’re baaaack.”, also other site announcements

Obvious update: Well I obviosly spoke too soon concerning the return of the site. But we ARE back now.

Finally! After two weeks of inactivity, computer troubles are finally over and updates will resume (The problems apparently came from the motherboard). I will not cover the extensive back catalogue of film news that has accumulated since I went offline, but here are some of the most interesting tidbits (at least in my opinion):

  • Sylvester Stallone (Rambo), Jason Statham (Death Race) and Jet Li (The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor) will co-star in The Expendables, an action movie set in South America which will be written and directed by Stallone himself. Stallone has of course plenty of experience in the field having written or co-written most of his films and directed quite a few of them (including the last Rambo film and four of the Rocky movies).
  • Joe Johnston, director of such films as Hidalgo, Jurassic Park III and October Sky will direct The First Avenger: Captain America, another of the cross-over comic book films Marvel Studios is making in the lead up to The Avengers (others include Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor and Iron Man 2). You know what I’d love? That they manage to include a crossover with the X-Men franchise, seeing as both this and the forthcoming X-Men Origins: Magneto will be set during World War II.
  • Acclaimed British director Ridley Scott (Body Of Lies) will direct an adaptation of the popular board game Monopoly.
  • Will Smith’s son Jaden, already seen in The Pursuit Of Happyness with his father, will play the lead in a remake of The Karate Kid.
  • Speaking of Will Smith, he’ll star in a remake of the South Korean cult film Oldboy which will be directed by Steven Spielberg (you know, the Indiana Jones films)
  • Lethal Weapon 5 isn’t completely dead after all and may happen eventually, according to series producer Joel Silver.
  • And of course, there’s the very sad news that bestselling author Michael Crichton died of cancer at age 66 on November 4th. Crichton’s novels have inspired films such as Jurassic Park, The 13th Warrior, Sphere, Congo, The Andromeda Strain, Timeline and many others. In addition he created the long-running medical show ER, wrote a few original screenplays such as Twister and even did a bit of directing with films like Westworld, Coma, The First Great Train Robbery and a few others.

As for the site, I’m happy to report that the hiatus did nothing to slow viewership, in fact these past three days have been our busiest ever with slightly less than two thousand visits per day on average. However, The Movie Planet will have a slight change in focus. Seeing as how this is for now a one-man operation and that I do lead a rather busy life, I will only give proper news posts to items which particularly interest me and cover the rest of the daily film news in a round-up sort of way. Thus I hope I’ll be able to write more articles in the vein of the one I penned about Babylon A.D., and you can expect such writings on the subject of Quantum Of Solace, The Happening and the High School Musical franchise soon (I hope to have my Quantum Of Solace “review” later today, but you can already see my score of the film on the What We’ve Been Watching page).

Finally, you can now contact The Movie Planet at themovieplanetblog@gmail.com, how cool is that?

On Temporary Hiatus

Jovial Update: The site will be back VERY VERY SOON!

Hey guys, sorry to report that my computer has recently encountered major, and for now unexplained, trouble, thus stopping me from updating the site for now. I will of course resume as soon as possible but until then I suggest you view your film news from sites such as /Film, Tuna Flix, IGN Movies, First Showing, Film School Rejects, CHUD, Collider, etc… But don’t forget to come by here once in a while to see if we’re back on!

See you soon!

About page is up, and other site updates

As you may have noticed, I’ve finally written something in the site’s About page a couple of days ago, and even created a couple of other pages for your potential interest. You can view the pages at the top of the menu on the right.

About gives you some pretty basic information about the site and its writers while What We Like obviously tells you what and who the writers enjoy, not only in movies but in the world of entertainment overall. Finally you may want to visit What We’ve Been Watching rather regularly, as in addition to books being read, TV shows being watched or having been completed by the writers, this page tells you the last 10 films we’ve seen in cinemas, and only the last 10, and what grade we’d give them. Needless to tell you information gets updated very fast and movies can disappear from the listing within a week.

Finally you’ll be pleased to know The Movie Planet just keeps growing bigger and bigger, currently averaging 1538 views a day for this week and 1336 views a day for the month of October. Our busiest for now is October 5th, with a staggering 1755 views and the site has exceeded 33333 total views within less than three months of existence.

Apologies and other stuff

I’d like to apologize for the lack of updates this past week, I hope you didn’t miss me too much. Not only have I had some stuff to deal with in real life, but since a subtitled trailer for the next Movie Of The Day didn’t exist, I had to make one myself and upload it on YouTube, which proved to be more challenging and time-consuming than I had originally anticipated. I will try to catch up with film news over the weekend.

And yes, you read that right, The Movie Planet now has its own YouTube channel, which you can find (and subscribe to) here. It holds only the one video for now, but more will come. At this time I expect the channel will hold mostly/only movie trailers.

Finally, The Broadcaster (who?) would also like to apologize for his current lack of posts. He is in the process of moving, and is still waiting on his new Internet connection. If you feel the need for more apologies, I’ll let Brenda Lee (above) do the talking.

What’s that? A new dude joins the site!

Good news everyone, a new contributor has just joined The Movie Planet. Call him…The Broadcaster! The Broadcaster will mostly be reviewing randomly chosen movies on a regular basis in his column Broadcasted! Reviews but may also pop in to tell you about new DVDs being released.

The Broadcaster, who describes himself as half-Chinese half-French and totally not handsome, likes all kinds of movies (except horror), but he’s generally kinder to comedies and harsher to serious-minded dramas. His favorite movies include Steven Soderbergh’s Ocean’s trilogy (as well as other heist flicks) and recent East Asian fare from the likes of Zhang Yimou (Curse Of The Golden Flower), Stephen Chow (Kung Fu Hustle) and Wong Kar-Wai (My Blueberry Nights).

He wants you to know he is usually very critical in his reviews, and his first one will be for the 2006 teen comedy John Tucker Must Die, starring the awesomely hot Sophia Bush, with many more to follow. Thus, please give a warm welcome to The Broadcaster, the alternate voice of The Movie Planet.


10 days ago I posted about The Movie Planet reaching 100 views (read it here). Guess what the count is now? Well over 2000 views total. Honestly, I have no clue how many views popular blogs get, and I’m obviously nowhere near that number, but it doesn’t stop me from being amazed day after day. So thank you. Thanks to all of you, whether you came here for the first time or are a regular visitor (I know there’s a few of you). I won’t go into extreme detail about things as I’d just be rehashing my previous, 100 views post, so instead, I’ll throw a few numbers at you:

As of writing, The Movie Planet has been viewed 2188 times, averaging 140 times a day

Nearly every day gets more views than the previous one, with today clocking in at 370 for now.

In the last week, viewership of The Movie Planet growed 1133,33%

The most popular posts are those about the Superman Reboot (624 views), Helena Bonham Carter’s family disaster (183 views), and ABC’s midseason pickups (111 views).

In addition, people are starting to comment on posts (which is good, keep them coming!) and my Movie Of The Day column is gaining popularity. So once again, thank you, I can’t say that enough. A few of you checked out my empty “About” page, and I know I promised to fill it up, but I just haven’t had the time yet. I’ll do it as soon as possible. So, just keep visiting, tell all your friends about it, put this site in your favorites, don’t hesitate to comment and subscribe to my RSS feed (bottom of the page) if you think that’s cool, which everyone apparently thinks it is.

Thanking you one last time, I leave you with the music video for Shania Twain’s hit Ka-Ching!. Sure, the song is annoying is kind of nonsensical but even if this isn’t your kind of music, that is one hot Canadian. What else do we need to celebrate The Movie Planet’s success?

The Movie Planet going strong, exceeds 100 views

I am astounded. Seriously, call me naive but the thought that it took me a mere four days for The Movie Planet to get a hundred page views (including 50+ today) simply amazes me…in a good way of course.

I want to thank all of you who have visited the site, and doubly thank any of you who may have included it in your favorites. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Also, don’t hesitate to subscribe to my RSS feed (bottom of the page). I’m not an expert on all things Internet so I honestly have no idea how an RSS feed works, but I hear it’s the “in” thing these days, so there you go.

When I started The Movie Planet, I never thought I’d get so many visits so quickly, so me tell you, even though writing all this stuff takes up quite a chunk of time, the experience has been extremely gratifying. I’ve received a few positive comments from some of you and look forward to more feedback, so don’t hesitate to post comments!

The Movie Planet, a one-man operation for now, is still a very new blog, and thus is still finding its footing. I’ve been busy writing articles and I haven’t really looked into layout and stuff but it’s something I intend to do, so expect the site’s look and extra-article content to evolve in the near future.

My intention with this site is to provide film and entertainment news, and related content, from all around the world to an international viewership, in opposition to most English-language film sites, which seem to talk mainly about big American blockbusters and small American “indie films”. The Movie Planet will of course report on these, but also on other American films, as well all the others, be they French, Indian, Chinese, etc…

So, once again, many thanks to you all, you are my driving force. The Movie Planet ain’t slowing down any time soon.