Fun Stuff: Best Movie Car Chases

YouTube user Brutzelpretzel did an amazing job at editing together some of the best car scenes witnessed on screen from 1964’s Goldfinger to 2008’s Vantage Point, and with an inspired music choice to boot! Seriously, this guy deserves some praise, superb video. View a full list of movies used after the jump (the only inexplicable omission I detect is Casino Royale and its record-breaking crash).

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Movie Of The Day: The Abandoned (2006)

A true example of cross-culture cinema, The Abandoned is an English-language Spanish film set in Russia, starring British actress Anastasia Hille (The Hole) and Czech actor Karel Roden (RocknRolla) in the lead roles. It marks the feature debut for director Nacho Cerdà, who co-wrote the film with the Canadian Karim Hussain (Subconscious Cruelty) and the South African Richard Stanley (The Island Of Dr. Moreau).

The movie follows Marie, an American film producer who arrives in Russia to learn more about her roots. There, a notary insists that she should go visit her old, decrepit family house in the middle of nowhere which she naturally does. Once there, she starts seeing strange things and eventually encouters Nikolai, her twin brother whe didn’t know about. Slowly, it becomes apparent that they’ll never manage to leave the island on which the evidently haunted house is built. Trailer and review after jump. Continue reading

Sony to distribute Broken Embraces in the US

Sony’s specialty division Sony Pictures Classics has picked up the US distribution rights for Broken Embraces (original title Los Abrazos Rotos), the latest movie from acclaimed Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar (Volver). This is somewhat surprising because while Sony has distributed many of Almodóvar’s films in the past, Universal Pictures participated in the financing.

In other words, yet another foreign film that Americans won’t see unless they live in a big city and are actually aware of its release. Why can’t US companies give international films big releases? Some people argue that Americans won’t read subtitles, to this I reply The Passion Of The Christ, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Apocalypto, etc… All you need to do is market the film well and reap the rewards. And for those who won’t read subtitles, dubbing works well for American films overeseas.

Broken Embraces will be a film-noir thriller centering on a four-person love story and reunites Pedro Almodóvar with Volver actresses Penélope Cruz and Blanca Portillo as well as actor Lluís Homar (Bad Education). It will premiere in Spain on March of next year.