This is not a sequel to Battle In Seattle

South African director Jonathan Liebesman (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning) has signed on to helm Battle: Los Angeles, a sci-fi flick about aliens invading downtown L.A. and the platoon of Marines that fight them. The film is described as Independence Day meets Black Hawk Down. Excited?



Sequelitis part 2: Men In Black 3?

Series stars Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith are reportedly game for a third outing of the popular alien cop franchise according to series producer Walter Parkes. Al that’s needed now is an opening in the actors’ schedules as Smith is busy with a gazillion projects including The Last Pharaoh and an I Am Legend prequel¬†while Jones is hard at work shooting Islands In The Stream, his second movie as a director. That and there’s no script yet. Anyway, Men In Black III (MIIIB?), are you interested?