Slew of projects for ex-weather girl

Fresh off her debut in the hit The Girl From Monaco (original title La Fille De Monaco), 26 year old Louise Bourgoin is aligning movie after movie. First up will be the (romantic?) comedy Sweet Valentine, the feature directing debut for her Monaco co-star Fabrice Luchini’s daughter Emma.

She’ll then proceed with L’Autre Monde (literal translation The Other World), a cyber thriller in which a MMORPG makes gamers crazy, literally. The film will be directed by Gilles Marchand (Who Killed Bambi?) and will also star Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet (Love Songs).

Finally, she’s joined the cast of Blanc Comme Neige (literal translation White As Snow), a cop film directed by Christophe Blanc (An Outgoing Woman) and co-starring François Cluzet (French Kiss) and Olivier Gourmet (The Child).