Charlie Chaplin’s grandson to headline new World War II movie

Swiss actor James Thiérée (Vatel), grandson of the legendary Charlie Chaplin (The Great Dictator), has been chosen for the lead role in Liberté, the new movie from acclaimed French director Tony Gatlif (The Crazy Stranger).

Set in 1943, Liberté will tell the story of Taloche, a whimsical gypsy, and his family in Nazi occupied France. Gatlif has expressed a desire to show another side of the war, far from the fear, hate and gas chambers. Marc Lavoine (The Good Thief) and Marie-Josée Croze (The Diving Bell And The Butterfly) will co-star in the film, which starts shooting on September 22nd in South-Eastern France.


Quentin Tarantino gets a “bastard” and a “bitch”


Two new actors have been added to the cast of Quentin Tarantino’s forthcoming World War 2 movie Inglorious Bastards, and since both are German, you can bet your millions they’ll be playing Germans. The lucky thespians are Diane Kruger (the National Treasure films) and Til Schweiger (King Arthur).

Diane Kruger, who mainly alternates between French and American films, isn’t one of the biggest names in entertainment yet, but chalk that up to the fact her acting career only started six years ago. I personally think she’s a wonderful actress and physically stunning to boot. In the fim, she’ll play a German actress who help the the heroes infiltrate a movie premiere.

As for Til Schweiger, international audiences may not be overly familiar with him, but he’s one of Germany’s biggest stars, where he is dubbed the “German Brad Pitt”, and you’ll soon be able to seem him in director Uwe Boll’s next “masterpiece”, the Far Cry video game adaptation.

Inglorious Bastards, which has been a pet project of Quentin Tarantino’s for years, will be a remake of an Italian film from 1978 that is also known as G.I. Bro, Deadly Mission, Hell’s Heroes and Counterfeit Commandos. Described as in the vein of The Dirty Dozen, the film will tell the story of a group of Jewish-American soldiers behind enemy lines (France, specifically) who spend their time scalping Nazis.

In addition to Kruger and Schweiger, the cast includes Brad Pitt (the American one), Mike Myers (The Love Guru), Eli Roth (director of the Hostel films) and Samm Levine (Sydney White). Inglorious Bastards will start filming next month in Berlin and is expected to premiere at next year’s Cannes Film Festival.