Movie Of The Day: Mallrats (1995)

Note: This marks the second in a series of “Movies Of The Day” that covers writer/director/actor Kevin Smith’s View Askewniverse films. For the first films review, Clerks., click here.

Set the day before Clerks., Mallrats centers on Brodie Bruce and T.S. Quint, two best friends who’ve been dumped by their respective girlfriends on the same day. At Brodie’s urging, the pair decide to go hang out at the local mall where, as luck would have their exes are spending the day too. Amidst pop-culture-related debates, sex talk, and run-ins with  dealers/mischief makers Jay and Silent Bob, Brodie and T.S. will attempt to win back their significant others.

Mallrats stars Jason Lee (Alvin And The Chipmunks), Jeremy London (7th Heaven), Shannen Doherty (The CW’s 90210), Claire Forlani (Hallam Foe/Mister Foe), Ben Affleck (Hollywoodland), Joey Lauren Adams (The Break-Up), Ethan Suplee (Mr. Woodcock) and Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee. Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith reprise their Clerks. roles, and Brian O’Halloran makes an appearance as his Clerks. character’s cousin. Most of these actors have gone on to appear in subsequent Smith films in these and/or different roles. Trailer and review after the jump. Continue reading

Beverley Mitchell compensates for dead career, invites famous friends to wedding

Assuming you somehow care, 27 year old actress Beverley Mitchell has invited her former 7th Heaven castmates Jessica Biel and Haylie Duff (also sister Hilary) to be her bridesmaids at her Italian wedding next month to a guy you’ve never heard of (at least we know it’s love…or maybe blackmail). Also attending? Justin Timberlake, Joey Fatone and Lance Armstrong Bass.

In other words, Beverley is scrambling to get as many famous people to come as possible in a bid to appear at least marginally relevant. Why? Beverley’s sole job since 7th Heaven was cancelled a year ago was a leading part in a TV-movie entitled I Know What I Saw, also known as Post Mortem, which also came out a year ago. Since then? Nothing, nada, nichts.