De Niro doesn’t want to be on the Edge Of Darkness anymore

Legendary but difficult-to-work-with actor Robert De Niro (Stardust) has quit the film Edge Of Darkness mere days after starting to work on it. A spokesperson explains:

Sometimes things don’t work out; it’s called creative differences

Edge Of Darkness is currently shooting in Massachusetts under the direction of Martin Campbell (Casino Royale), and tells the story of a detective investigating his own daughter’s murder, unveiling truckloads of conspiracies along the way. The film is a remake of the celebrated eponymous BBC mini-series from 1985, which Campbell also directed, and was adpated by William Monahan (The Departed) and Andrew Bovell (Stricly Ballroom).

No word on who will replace De Niro in the movie, which will mark Mel Gibson’s return to acting, six years after The Singing Detective. Robert De Niro will next be seen in the cop movie Righteous Kill starting next week, which is notable for being the first time the actor will really act alongside Al Pacino (they had no common scenes in The Godfather: Part II and Heat).