Movie Of The Day: The Legend Of Bhagat Singh (2002)

Mohandas K. Gandhi may be India’s most famous freedom fighter, and he was no doubt very instrumental in that country’s eventual independance from the British Empire in 1947, but of course he wasn’t the only one. And while non-Indians only remember Gandhi (and even then…), we thankfully have movies to educate and entertain us with the tales of other courageous and patriotic individuals, such as Bhagat Singh and his buddies.

A native of the Punjab region in northern India, Bhagat Singh was a fervent follower of Gandhi and his non-violence early in his life, but grew disillusioned with him following his reaction to the Chauri Chaura massacre of February 1922. Later or, in college, his patriotism as fervent as ever, he joined the communist organization HRA with some buddies of his and they started freedom fighting, the violent way.

The Legend Of Bhagat Singh was directed by Rajkumar Santoshi (Family: Ties Of Blood), who co-wrote the flick with Ranjit Kapoor (Mangal Pandey: The Rising), Piyush Mishra (1971) and Anjum Rajabali (Naina). Ajay Devgan (Omkara) stars. Trailer (followed by a song from the film) and review after the jump. Continue reading