Fun Stuff: Onion Peel

Legendary clothing company Levi’s has long been known for their beautiful, imaginative commericials, and their latest, titled Onion Peel, is no different. Shot backwards, it was directed by Michael Haussman, who’s previously helmed ads for such brands as Yves Saint Laurent, Ray Ban and Martini and music videos such as SexyBack for Justin Timberlake and You Know My Name for Chris Cornell in addition to a few feature films, the last of which being 2003’s Blind Horizon. You can view his whole body of work at the man’s official site. What did you think of Onion Peel?

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Beverley Mitchell compensates for dead career, invites famous friends to wedding

Assuming you somehow care, 27 year old actress Beverley Mitchell has invited her former 7th Heaven castmates Jessica Biel and Haylie Duff (also sister Hilary) to be her bridesmaids at her Italian wedding next month to a guy you’ve never heard of (at least we know it’s love…or maybe blackmail). Also attending? Justin Timberlake, Joey Fatone and Lance Armstrong Bass.

In other words, Beverley is scrambling to get as many famous people to come as possible in a bid to appear at least marginally relevant. Why? Beverley’s sole job since 7th Heaven was cancelled a year ago was a leading part in a TV-movie entitled I Know What I Saw, also known as Post Mortem, which also came out a year ago. Since then? Nothing, nada, nichts.