The Green Hornet just might be worth it after all

Back when it was announced that funnyman Seth Rogen (Pineapple Express) would star and co-write a new Green Hornet movie, all I could do was hang my head and shake it in disbelief. Now, the news that multitalented Chinese maestro Stephen Chow (CJ7) has joined the production as director and co-star has me thinking the movie just might be worth it after all.

I found his Shaolin Soccer to be painfully unfunny but his next movie Kung Fu Hustle is a work of genius that stands proudly among my favorite films. Initially created in 1936 for a radio show, the Green Hornet is the alter-ego of rich newspaper publisher Britt Reid, who fights crime at night alongside his Chinese servant Kato.

The Green Hornet has already been brought to the screen several times, most famously in a 60s TV series starring Van Williams and Bruce Lee (above). The new film, co-written with Evan Goldberg (Pineapple Express) is set for 2010.

Fun Fact: Green Hornet is the grand-nephew of the Lone Ranger, another popular radio show character that may soon grace the silver screen once again.