Downfall Helmer Returns to WWII

Director Oliver Hirschbiegel, best known for his Oscar nominated biopic Der Untergang (aka Downfall) chronicling the final days of Adolf Hitler, is returning to Germany after 10 years to helm another World War 2 flick, though this time centered on the other side.

The film, simply titled Elser, was co-penned by Oscar nominated screenwriter Fred Breinersdorfer (Sophie Scholl: The Final Days) and his daughter Léonie-Claire. It will follow German carpenter Johann Georg Elser’s November 1939 attempt to assassinate Hitler. Find out more after the jump. Continue reading

Charlie Chaplin’s grandson to headline new World War II movie

Swiss actor James Thiérée (Vatel), grandson of the legendary Charlie Chaplin (The Great Dictator), has been chosen for the lead role in Liberté, the new movie from acclaimed French director Tony Gatlif (The Crazy Stranger).

Set in 1943, Liberté will tell the story of Taloche, a whimsical gypsy, and his family in Nazi occupied France. Gatlif has expressed a desire to show another side of the war, far from the fear, hate and gas chambers. Marc Lavoine (The Good Thief) and Marie-Josée Croze (The Diving Bell And The Butterfly) will co-star in the film, which starts shooting on September 22nd in South-Eastern France.