New Trailer: The International

The International is a forthcoming thriller helmed by German director Tom Tykwer (Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer) and written by newcomer Eric Singer. It stars Clive Owen (Elizabeth: The Golden Age), Naomi Watts (Funny Games) and Ulrich Thomsen (Hitman).

The movie has a righteous Interpol agent going against a big banking corporation involved in arms dealing. It will premiere in Germany and the US early February 2009.

While I wasn’t blown away by it, and despite the fact it inexplicably uses footage from Ghost Rider, this is a pretty decent trailer. Also, Tom Tykwer is a very interesting director and frankly, Clive Owen is reason enough to watch. Finally, is it just me or are parts of this trailer extremely similar to Quantum Of Solace‘s?

Old dude gets adopted in new French comedy

In Victor, a new French comedy that starts shooting on September 22nd, 74 year old funnyman Pierre Richard (La Chèvre, literal translation The Goat) will portray an old, lonely man thrown out of his home by the landlord, who puts a classified ad in the paper asking for a loving, welcoming family to take him in.

The film will be directed by Thomas Gilou (Would I Lie To You? 1 & 2) and is adapted from a book by Michèle Fitoussi. Also starring in the film are Lambert Wilson (Babylon A.D. a film to which you should give a second chance, see here) and César winning youngster Sara Forestier (Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer), pictured below.