Jennifer Lopez has gone through every talent agency in Hollywood, starts again.

Flop Queen latina actress Jennifer Lopez is well known for her constant agency hopping. UTA, CAA, WMA, ICM, she’s done them all, and has apparently run out of agents to make miserable as she’s back at UTA, the agency who launched her now dying career, Variety reports:

Talent co-head Tracey Jacobs, who recently was promoted the UTA board of directors, is leading the team of agents that will now handle Lopez as well as her film and TV production company, Nuyorican. Simon Fields, Lopez’s producing partner, will also now be repped by UTA.

Poor Tracey Jacobs…We sympathize man, it’ll be tough! Jennifer Lopez is known to be one of the most egocentric and demanding people in Hollywood (some would also say untalented and undeserving) and hasn’t had a moderate success in three years. On the other hand, UTA did lead J-Lo through her most successful years, so maybe they’ll manage to make us believe that she’s still “Jenny from the block” (nah). Lopez has two acting gigs currently in pre-production and two TV shows planned as a producer.