Broadcasted: John Tucker Must Die (2006)

The first movie I “Broadcasted!” is not the best movie I’ve ever seen but it still deserves a review.

So, let’s get started. John Tucker Must Die is a comedy/romance movie directed by Betty Thomas (Doctor Dolittle, I Spy). It is about Kate (Brittany Snow), a girl who changes high schools all the time because of a (hot) mom getting dumped by all of her boyfriends. Kate ends up at the Forest Hills High School where John Tucker (Jesse Metcalfe), the handsome, nba-style basketball player and also captain of the High School team is dating three different girls from three different cliques at the same time: the head cheerleader (Ashanti), the school news reporter (Arielle Kebbel) and an environmental activist (Sophia Bush). Ask me how? Because (I know it’s gonna sound weird) these girls hate each other so much that they never talk to each other. As the three girls realize they’ve been played by the handsome John, they unite to destroy John Tucker’s love life. How? Okay, this is the last thing you’ll know. They use the poor and unknown Kate to seduce him and break his heart.

Well, this movie is not thrilling but still if you’re bored it can help you make your day by watching beautiful girls and a handsome guy (and a funny fat dude). The plot is pretty twisted as you can see since the three girls from the same high school are dating the same time. If you are really looking for a big laugh, I do not recommend you watch it even if it’ll make you smile sometimes. The actors aren’t really the funniest you can find in Hollywood and there is no leading funny guy (like Will Ferrell or Seth Rogen). The only funny thing is that the girls get evil real quick and John Tucker reacts pretty well to all the dirty stuff they do to him.

Then, why did I watch this movie, and why would you? Well, it’s kinda like a feel-good movie that you wanna watch after breaking up with your bf/gf (ok bad times) or even if you wanna break somebody’s heart…. Just kidding, just a feel-good teen movie for me and got some evil ideas out of it… So that makes a 4.6/10 for me.

Trailer after the jump. I’ll get back to you for more Broadcasted! reviews.

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What’s that? A new dude joins the site!

Good news everyone, a new contributor has just joined The Movie Planet. Call him…The Broadcaster! The Broadcaster will mostly be reviewing randomly chosen movies on a regular basis in his column Broadcasted! Reviews but may also pop in to tell you about new DVDs being released.

The Broadcaster, who describes himself as half-Chinese half-French and totally not handsome, likes all kinds of movies (except horror), but he’s generally kinder to comedies and harsher to serious-minded dramas. His favorite movies include Steven Soderbergh’s Ocean’s trilogy (as well as other heist flicks) and recent East Asian fare from the likes of Zhang Yimou (Curse Of The Golden Flower), Stephen Chow (Kung Fu Hustle) and Wong Kar-Wai (My Blueberry Nights).

He wants you to know he is usually very critical in his reviews, and his first one will be for the 2006 teen comedy John Tucker Must Die, starring the awesomely hot Sophia Bush, with many more to follow. Thus, please give a warm welcome to The Broadcaster, the alternate voice of The Movie Planet.

Ridiculous rumor of the day: Cher top choice for Catwoman

Catty Update: Warner Bros unsurprisingly debunked the rumor…did they need to bother?

British newspaper The Telegraph insists that pop singer Cher, who hasn’t been seen on the big screen since 2003’s Stuck On You is director Christopher Nolan’s top choice for the role of Catwoman in the unavoidable third Batman movie. Never mind that the script hasn’t been written, that the screenwriters dismissed the idea of Catwoman being in the new movie or that Nolan isn’t even officialy signed on yet…just believe The Telegraph, which goes in to “inform us” that Johnny Depp has actually already been cast as The Riddler.

Not only has work not officially started on the new Batman, but Catwoman is a character who has always been portrayed has a having both a romantic link and an enmity to Batman (as well as being a love interest for Bruce Wayne). Thus the idea of pairing the 62 year old Cher with the 34 year old Christian Bale and expecting sexual tension to emanate is laughable beyond belief. Angelina Jolie was the last actress rumored to play the character, and while I don’t agree with that choice, it’s certainly much more fitting (my personal vote goes to One Tree Hill actress Sophia Bush). Catwoman was last portrayed on the big screen by Halle Berry in the eponymous 2004 film, however that was a bastardized version and her last true portrayal remains Michelle Pfeiffer’s famous turn in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns.

The annoying thing with these rumors is that some supposedly “professional” people actually present them as fact, and plenty of people will simply believe them and tell their friends (kind of like celebrity gossip). And with official cast announcements about the currently untitled Dark Knight sequel not happening for at least several months, possibly more than a year, expect ridiculous rumors to pop up by the truckload.

Actually, let me start a few right here: Sylvester Stallone cast as Clayface! Verne Troyer to portray Killer Croc! Dakota Fanning lands coveted Poison Ivy role!