Fun Stuff: Mena Suvari kinda sucks (NSFW)

Go here to see the video, which I couldn’t embed.

This is a sex scene from Mena Suvari’s new movie Stuck, which is coming out on DVD on October 14th in the States.

In the scene, Mena Suvari suddenly starts to scream as she flashes back to a car accident significant to the storyline as some dude is shtomping her.

Now, maybe I missed something but wasn’t Mena Suvari considered a great actress a few years back? Because her work here makes Paris Hilton’s look like Oscar-winning material, and no, I’m not joking.

The obvious clunker was directed by Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator) and also stars respectable actor Irish actor Stephen Rea (The Reaping). It surprisingly holds a very good score on IMDB, but expect that to drop significantly once the DVD is released and more people get to see it.

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