Sequelitis part 4: Avatar, Something Of The Dead and Tomb Raider 3

Avatar, the long-awaited return of director James Cameron more than ten years after Titanic (what is it with all these Titanic comebacks happening at once?) hasn’t even come out yet that 20th Century-Fox co-chairman Tom Rothman is already talking franchise possibilities. His reason? “It’s just a great story”.

Meanwhile, more the details have come out on the recently announced untitled continuation of George A. Romero’s infamous zombie saga:

Plot involves inhabitants of an isolated island off the North American coast who find their relatives rising from the dead to eat their kin. The leaders of the island feud over whether or not to kill their reanimated relatives or preserve them in hopes of finding a cure.

The film is currently shooting in Canada and stars a bunch of people you’ve probably never heard of.

Finally, rumors of a third installment in the Lara Croft: Tomb Raider franchise are swirling again due to the approaching release of the latest video game in the franchise, Tomb Raider: Underworld, and producers are apparently in talks to get Angelina Jolie (Wanted) back in the famous role. The only problem? Angelina isn’t, and never was right for the part of Lara Croft in my opinion.

Sources: /Film and TunaFlix

New Trailer and Poster: Revolutionary Road

Revolutionary Road marks the long-awaited reunion of Titanic stars Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio (also Kathy Bates), but is more often compared to an American Beauty 2 rather than a Titanic 2, which is logical since American Beauty director Sam Mendes, also Kate Winslet’s husband, directed the film.

Based on a novel by Richard Yates (The Bridge At Remagen), adapted by Justin Haythe (The Clearing), the film is set in Connectitut in the fifties and tells of a marriage’s breakdown. I must say I’m quite impressed, but then this is a Sam Mendes film so what do you expect? Revolutionary Road will premiere in the US on December 26th.