Casting tidbits: Defendor, Zombieland, Unthinkable and Alice In Wonderland

Kat Dennings (Nick And Norah’s Infinite Playlist) will join Woody Harrelson (Semi-Pro) in the superhero-themed comedy Defendor, while Jesse Eisenberg (Cursed) will join him in the horror comedy Zombieland, which we’ve previously talked about.

Brandon Routh (Superman Returns), Gil Bellows (The Weather Man) and Martin Donovan (The Sentinel) have joined the cast of the terrorism-themed thriller Unthinkable from Australian director Gregor Jordan (Ned Kelly), which we’ve also previously mentioned. The film will start shooting on October 20th in Los Angeles.

Unsurprisingly since she shares his bed, British actress Helena Bonham Carter (every Tim Burton movie since Planet Of The Apes) has joined the cast of Burton’s Alice In Wonderland currently filming adaptation, as has Anne Hathaway (Get Smart). The actresses will play the Red Queen and the White Queen respectively.

Source: /Film

Woody Harrelson to fend off zombies in new horror comedy

47 year old actor Woody Harrelson (Semi-Pro) has joined the cast of Ruben Fleischer’s feature directing debut, Zombieland. In the comedy, Harrelson will play Albuquerque, a man who, with the help of a friend, rebels against the living dead from Zombieland who have taken over our world. More on this project as it develops.

Fun Fact: an unrelated French horror movie, also entitled Zombieland, will be released this year.