Trio of French films win the week in France

French cinema proved its strength this past week in its home country by taking over the whole top 3. The latest Golden Palm winner, The Class (original title Entre Les Murs) rushed to the top, while another new release, Paris 36 (original title Faubourg 36) took the second spot. The third place was filled by the comedy Let It Rain (original title Parlez-Moi De La Pluie) in its second week of release (check it out at the New York Film Festival on October 10th). The British musical Mamma Mia! came it at number four and the first American film, The Forbidden Kingdom, got fifth place.

Full top 20 with number of moviegoers after the jump.

  1. The Class                                                             447015
  2. Paris 36                                                                438976
  3. Let It Rain                                                             232874
  4. Mamma Mia!                                                         216687
  5. The Forbidden Kingdom                                         108439
  6. Mirrors                                                                  100643
  7. Dan In Real Life                                                      85524
  8. The Dark Knight                                                     68167
  9. Get Smart                                                               61673
  10. Wall-E                                                                     51320
  11. The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life                     42547
  12. Comme Les Autres (literally Like Everyone Else)     41724
  13. Babylon A.D.                                                           26093
  14. Happy-Go-Lucky                                                       23087
  15. Gomorrah                                                                22139
  16. The Life Before Her Eyes                                          20463
  17. The Silence Of Lorna                                               20358
  18. The Girl From Monaco                                             20198
  19. Kung Fu Panda                                                        19647
  20. La Belle Personne (literally The Beautiful Person)    18975


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