American films not doing too good in France

French cinema was triumphant this past week in its home country as the first foreign film, Mamma Mia!, settled in 5th place and the first American film, Lakeview Terrace, took the 7th spot. The latest Golden Palm winner, The Class (original title Entre Les Murs) retained the top position in its second week, while the new release Go Fast took second place. Rounding out the top five are the dramedies Paris 36 (original title Faubourg 36) and Client (original title Cliente) in the third and fourth spots respectively.

Full top 20 with number of moviegoers after the jump.

  1. The Class                                                          358495
  2. Go Fast                                                             342150
  3. Paris 36                                                            311322
  4. Client                                                                284058
  5. Mamma Mia!                                                     175159
  6. Let It Rain                                                         147874
  7. Lakeview Terrace                                               140811
  8. Appaloosa                                                          131985
  9. Séraphine                                                            97246
  10. The Forbidden Kingdom                                        67543
  11. Mirrors                                                                 60344
  12. Dan In Real Life                                                    48871
  13. Wall-E                                                                  43727
  14. The Dark Knight                                                   34915
  15. The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life                  34511
  16. Get Smart                                                            26451
  17. Kung Fu Panda                                                     20191
  18. The Silence Of Lorna                                             17312
  19. Comme Les Autres (literally Like Everyone Else)   17161
  20. Happy-Go-Lucky                                                    16440


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